ICS, MES and EMI Cyber Security

As a leader in ICS cyber security, I2O Solutions provides an unparalleled capability in providing effective cyber security solutions to asset owners. With a suite of proven services specific to securing industrial automation system and manufacturing information systems, and proven success in both private and public sector operations, organizations have come to trust I2O Solutions for their extensive capabilities that focus on security assessments, compliance guidance, and the creation of effective cyber defense strategies.

With a proven capability focused on Industrial Control Systems and Manufacturing Information Systems such as MES and EMI, the I2O Solutions security services portfolio can be tuned to accommodate any industrial architecture. In addition to sector-specific research in emerging risk-related domains for industrial control architectures, the I2O Solutions technical security expertise is comprehensive in many areas including:

  • Industrial Control System, SCADA, MES and EMI cyber threat risk assessments (penetration testing, vulnerability analysis), policy development services
  • AMI and Distribution Automation security assessments, including laboratory and field testing, reverse engineering, code/firmware analysis, cryptographic analysis, and standards compliance (NISTR 7628, AMISEC, Measurement Canada)
  • ICS/MES/EMI Incident Response and Forensics investigation support (real time, fly-away, law enforcement coordination)
  • Procurement language support and development of security-focused procurement specifications for pre-acquisition activities
  • Comprehensive curriculum of ICS security training and awareness (introductory, intermediate, advanced, and executive-level)
  • Development of customized security solutions for ICS/MES/EMI SIEM, incident response functions, firewalls and customized IDS/IPS systems

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