We Now Offer SMB CyberSecurity Solutions

NEW I2O Solutions Inc now provides a full-scale Managed Security Service to allow you to protect your most valuable IT assets as well as your organization’s and customers’ data. We also procure and deliver the best Cyber Security software solutions for all types of SMBs. To learn more visit our new website dedicated to SMB CyberSecurity Solutions.

What We Do

I2O Solutions is a leading provider of cyber security services and technology for Manufacturing Systems.

Our business is securing your business. We offer a complete suite of services and technology aimed specifically at reducing cyber-related risk.

We protect enterprise and operational technology from cyber-attacks by providing a comprehensive, defense-in-depth solution that all manufacturers’s need and can afford.

As operational technology experts, I2O Solutions picks up where most cyber-security solutions leave off – at the vulnerable interconnections between information technology systems and the plant floor systems such as PLC, HMI, MES and EMI Systems.

At I2O Solutions we have combined experience of over 40 years in manufacturing, industrial automation and controls systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligent System (EMI).

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ICS, MES and EMI Cyber Security

As a leader in ICS cyber security, I2O Solutions provides an unparalleled capability in providing effective cyber security solutions to asset owners. With a suite of proven services specific to securing industrial automation system and manufacturing information systems, and proven success in both private and public sector operations, organizations have come to trust I2O Solutions for their extensive capabilities that focus on security assessments, compliance guidance, and the creation of effective cyber defense strategies.

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Control Systems Threat Intelligence

Recent attacks on control systems environments, as well as the growing number of cyber vulnerabilities and exploits being developed for industrial automation, have created a need for actionable intelligence. Developing effective cyber security strategies for control systems can be complicated, and understanding adversarial activity is vital to reducing risk.

Security Training and Awareness

Dozens of public and private sector entities have used the I2O Solutions Center for Excellence in Security Education, and courses are developed using the same content development methods and delivery approach used by leading educational institutions – but focused solely on cyber security for Industrial Automation and Controls Systems, MES and EMI Systems.