Control Systems Threat Intelligence and Situational Awareness

Recent attacks on control systems environments, as well as the growing number of cyber vulnerabilities and exploits being developed for industrial automation, have created a need for actionable intelligence. Developing effective cyber security strategies for control systems can be complicated, and understanding adversarial activity is vital to reducing risk. Many organizations experience challenges in developing defense in depth strategies for their industrial environments because they cannot define the risk in terms of real threat activity.

To help overcome these issues, I2O Solutions have partnered with some of the world leaders in security intelligence, provides extensive cyber situational awareness as it pertains to the industrial control system domain. Using a proven intelligence collection and analysis capability, I2O Solutions can provide specific information that supports situational awareness to owner/operators, vendors, and government organizations. With a suite of consulting and subscription-based services to choose from, clients can create customized solutions to help mitigate risk and combat the advanced persistent threat (APT).

Subscription-based Intelligence Services

To stay up to date with the rapidly evolving trends and developments in the industrial control system cyber threat environment, customers can subscribe to on-going situational awareness reports. This includes weekly, quarterly, and customized reports specific to an entities needs. The information products are proven to assist in creating proactive cyber security defenses, and can help create compelling business cases for control system cyber security budgets.

Rapid Alerts: Intended for operational ICS security engineers, Rapid Alerts deliver highly significant threat information as it breaks. Examples include:

  • Release of attack tools targeting ICS (e.g., exploit modules)
  • Detailed disclosure of highly significant ICS vulnerabilities (e.g., proof of concept code)
  • Public information about attacks on control systems that are impending or underway

Weekly Situational Awareness Reports: Intended for operational ICS security engineers, Weekly Reports provide summaries and analysis of:

  • Newly disclosed vulnerabilities in ICS products
  • Newly disclosed vulnerabilities in products potentially affecting ICS
  • Newly discovered attack tools with the potential to affect ICS
  • ICS threat and vulnerability indicators
  • ICS defense developments
  • ICS network activity

Quarterly Reports: Intended for CSOs and CIOs, Quarterly reports provide strategic understanding of activities and trends in ICS cyber security covering the previous three-month period.

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